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157 23503 Skúlatilboð innan vist og list á Sandoynni. 54. On the whole, PPP per capita figures are more narrowly spread than nominal GDP per capita figures. Non-sovereign entities (the world, continents, and some dependent territories ) and states with limited international recognition (such as Kosovo , Palestine and Taiwan ) are included in the list in cases in which they appear in the sources. This page is a list of the countries of the world by gross domestic product (at purchasing power parity) per capita, i.e., the purchasing power parity (PPP) value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year, divided by the average (or mid-year) population for the same year.

List of countries by gdp per capita

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In 1890, the poorest country was the Russian Empire, and the richest was Great Britain. GDP per capita in Europe in 1890 (in 2017 $) Reddit user: Kamil1707 Ranking of the worse and the safest states to live in the U.S. - Vivid Maps. Long- and short-term effects of GDP on traffic fatalities in 21 OECD-countries, 1960-2011 Traffic fatalities are a leading cause of death, ranking as number five in the will focus on the role of economic development as indicated by GDP/​capita. rate for all 21 countries decreased from 27.4 per 100,000 to 7.3 per 100,000. av C Egenhofer · 2008 · Citerat av 8 — threatening to leave limited headroom for developing countries.

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Essentially, GDP per capita acts as a metric for determining a country's economic output per each person living there. Often times, rich nations with smaller populations tend to have higher per capita GDP. Once you do the math, the wealth is spread among fewer people, which raises a country's GDP. GDP (nominal) per capita does not, however, reflect differences in the cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries; therefore using a basis of GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP) is arguably more useful when comparing living standards between nations, while Nominal GDP is more useful comparing national economies on the international market.

List of countries by gdp per capita

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List of countries by gdp per capita

The GDP shown are in current US dollars. Values are converted from domestic currencies using official one-year exchange rates. In cases where the official exchange rate does not reflect the rate actually applied to real exchange transactions, an alternative conversion factor is used. The List of Countries by GDP per Capita Ranking.

GDP - composition, by sector  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "per capita" – Engelsk-svensk development and its GDP per capita is estimated to be below other countries of the list of low-income countries with a gross national product per capita of less​  av P Frykblom — Note: Income measured as GDP per capita, current prices, current PPP. frequently report “league tables” ranking country performance for various indicators. economies today, Muslim countries with the higest GDP per capita, Muslim companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list and Fortune's Global 500 Companies list  av AI Razai · 2017 — variablerna initial BNP per capita, utbildning, förväntad livslängd vid födsel, The study is based on data from 35 OECD countries between the period of 2010​  26 aug. 2014 — List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tokyo-London T/R (exkl. skatter).
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The equivalent countries which are comparable to the Swedish Counties in GDP per capita are  SVENSvenska Engelska översättingar för List of countries by GDP per capita. Söktermen List of countries by GDP per capita har ett resultat. Hoppa till  Bruttonationalprodukt per invånare (BNP) är lika med summan av alla varor och tjänster som BNP per capita används ofta som ett mått på ett lands välstånd. Lista över länder efter BNP (nominellt) per capita - List of countries by GDP (​nominal) per capita.

116. 133. 157 23503 Skúlatilboð innan vist og list á Sandoynni. 54.
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Nominal GDP does not take into account differences in the cost of living in different countries, and the results can vary greatly from one year to another based on fluctuations in the exchange rates of the country's currency . [3] In World Factbook data, Liechtenstein is in the 1st position. Per capita income of top ranker, Luxembourg is over 6.6 times the world GDP per capita and 144 times the lowest-ranked Burundi of Int. $783.