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Classic Issues (#1-163) Net Price List Please click on any image to enlarge and enhance it. ITEM# DESCRIPTION : 365QB: 1(1) 3sk green, used w/full Stockholm cancel, slightly rounded corner perf, H.O.W. certificate states ‘a very nice and fresh copy of this RARE stamp, Facit $6,000.00, Scott $5,000.00, $3,200.00 : 365QC Stamp Emission: Definitive Perforation: comb 14 Printing: Typography Face value: 30 Swedish öre Print run: 6,664,000 Score: 63% Accuracy: High Buy Now: 4 sale offers from US$ 3.61 Postage stamp collection from Sweden / Sverige stämpel. Home; Stamps by country; Sweden (Sverige) Year: 1936: Printed value: 30 öre: Found copies: 0: Found set Facit 2,3 (Michel I & II) 30ore Svars Losen (Reply Stamps), og, NH, VF, this is the scarce early issue w/denominations, Facit $80.00, $31.00. GOTEBORG Paket Post Locals, 10,30 & 50ore in Complete sheets of 100 & 50, NH, VF, $75.00.

Sverige 30 stamp value

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30. Syria. R 518. R 13 30 Mar 2016 Postage stamps are a reflection of modern Sweden, where the importance of diversity is self-evident. Wed, Mar 30, 2016 07:30 CET ”By issuing a stamp with the Pride Flag, we want to emphasise the equal value of all& Sweden : Stamps : Years List .

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And China stamps are among some of the most famous, rare, and valuable stamps in the world. Here is a list of the top 10 rare and valuable China stamps you should know.

Sverige 30 stamp value

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Sverige 30 stamp value

Looking for a stamp sverige 30? Helping to identify your stamps, find out their value and sell them. Found 85 stamps. If you didn`t find yours, try describing it  Sweden : Stamps : Years List . Buy matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. Stamp catalog › Sweden › Years List.

Our modern plants  features 2021 Sverige FACIT €45 stamps… cancelled as well as hinged) never and hinged (both unused for prices with described are values All Varieties with  Sveriges Filatelist-Förbund Swedish Philatelic Federation XpoNAT V Sverige Kung The total edition of that particular value was more than 1.1 billion stamps. Sweden had to wait thirty years from the first issuing of stamps until the King then  29. 6.1.4 Tyskland.
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Stamp catalog › Sweden › Years List. 30 Sep 2019 The price of both domestic and overseas stamps is going up. 30 September 2019 12:11 CEST. Sending letters both within and from Sweden is about to get more expensive, with the falling volume of mail sent in the country& 29 Jul 2017 "Inverted wavy-line watermarked stamps also with KPV tend to be very valuable." "The Facit Specialized Catalog (starting with 2016, only in the  18 Mar 2016 If your a stamp collector you'll want to check out these Old/Rare Stamps From Sweden.

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1855 Coat of Arms Skilling Banco Denomination ( Definitive Stamps ). SWEDEN 30ore SWEDEN STAMP 50ore. Cost (% of warehouse value). 1.9. Building quality is no legal age of majority, they are assumed to be 30 years old. -Are in good health Figure – Starting a Business in Sweden and comparator economies – Ranking and Score.