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…You will have inhouse recourses in Sri Lanka, as well as financial outsourcing partners at your disposal… Vi söker en Senior Financial Controller till en mycket intressant kund. 4.0. Academic Work Financial Controller LOOMIS-PAY. Consultant Manager till Academic Work Västerås. Academic Work - Västerås - Sweden.

Senior professor salary in sri lanka

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Salaries are different between men and women. Men receive an average salary of 2,732,877 LKR. Women receive a salary of 1,721,578 LKR. Sri Lankan Higher Education Ministry has decided increase the salary of university lecturers from October 1. The salary of a senior Professor has been increased to 140,721 rupees. The salary of an Assistant Lecturer has been increased to 55,775 rupees. Salaries in the category: Human Resources The salary range for people working in Sri Lanka in Human Resources is typically from 22,901.00 LKR (minimum salary) to 94,048.00 LKR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries vary drastically among different job positons.

SAMMANFATTNING AV Human Development Report 2006

LKR 6m. 90%. C) Senior Lecturer Grade II - Approximate Total Salary Rs. 200,286 / - D) Lecturer (Probation) - Approximate Total Salary Rs.123,075 / - Other allowances determined by the University Grants Commission will be paid in addition for the above salary. Salary range for the majority of workers in Primary school teachers - from LKR19,106.95 to LKR103,583.74 per month - 2021.

Senior professor salary in sri lanka

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Senior professor salary in sri lanka

An early career Senior Software Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Rs 1,749,205 based on 60 salaries. A mid-career SOUTH EASTERN UNIVERSITY OF SRI LANKA ACADEMIC POSTS The South Eastern University of Sri Lanka will entertain applications from the suitably qualified persons for the following posts: FACULTY OF ARTS AND CULTURE Department of Geography Professor of Geography Senior Lecturer Gr. How much does a Senior Manager make in Colombo, Sri Lanka? The average salary for a Senior Manager is £18,000 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Salary estimates are based on 1 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Senior Manager employees in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Professor, Instructor in English – University o Peradeniya. Closing Date: 2020-02-11.

Government Jobs in Sri Lanka Job Vacancies topjobs. රජයේ රැකියා  9 Apr 2021 Applications are invited for a Research Assistant position in the Department of Plant and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya VACANCIES UNIVERSITY OF KELANIYA – SRI LANKA 31.03.2021. 17 Oct 2020 UNIVERSITY OF JAFFNA, SRI LANKA Senior Professor/ Professor of Commerce / Financial Management In addition to the above salary,. 2 Jan 2020 They hold the most senior academic position. Below is a list of countries with the highest paid professors worldwide: (Annual Salary In US  SRI LANKA.
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Business Millicom's operations in Sri Lanka and Cambodia were sold respectively on October  by the Greek professor of seismology Papazachos concerning the probability of In the absence of co-operation by any parties in Sri Lanka or the PRC and of determined by reference to the base salary calculated as if the worker had not Current searches: tillgångs, senior vice president, övervärde, installment, plus,  Senior Lecturer 1990-95 c. Associate Professor 1989 (Docent) d. Assistant Professor 1986-1989 e. 'Ranking Environmental Services in Different Countries', Sri Lankan 'Making the Rich Pay for the Global Environment',  Documents required: Queensland Certificate of Education + Senior Statement Diplom samt ämnesbetyg/transcripts (Marks Sheet/Statement of Marks/Academic Transcripts) Please be advised that University Admissions in Sweden does not pay for i svenska och i de flesta fall i matematik.
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Salaries range from 64,300 LKR (lowest) to 205,000 LKR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.